Clubs and Other Activities

lifestyle-hdrBook ClubShouse Village has its very own book club, which is open to all Village residents and meets once a month at the Shouse Community Center.

The 55+ ClubThis social group for residents over 55 meets for coffee, presentations and discussions at the Shouse Community Center.

Grey SharksThis club features a morning swim program for adults in the neighborhood.

Shouse DayAt summer’s end, neighborhood families celebrate all things Shouse with a barbeque, DJ, games and events for all ages.

Greening Up the NeighborhoodTwice a year, in spring and in the fall, Shouse residents gather for a day of neighbor-labor by cleaning up the common grounds, raking, pruning trees, sprucing up the bike trails, and planting flowers.

Holiday PartiesShouse hosts community holiday parties each year: Spring Egg Hunt and Halloween Parties for kids and a New Year’s Eve Bash for adults